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Scooter G Sports opened in May of 2010. Scott has been collecting since 1980. So when he lost his job in 2008 and wasn't able to find work,he and his wife Heidi decided to go all in and open Scooter G Sports. Slowly but surely Scott and Heidi started to grow there business and meet many new customers(which several are very good friends now). Scott knew what the customer wanted and how he/she wanted to be treated since he also was an avid collector for years. Scooter G Sports doesn't do any advertising.We believe in the "Word of Mouth". We strive to give every customer the treatment he/she needs and wants. Person to person service is always better than running around a huge box store trying to find someone to help.Please feel free to stop in and take a look around,we wont bug you and try to sell you something at Scooter's. When you are ready to buy,we are here. Thanx,Scooter,Heidi and family